Skinny Pigs

Radford Animal Hospital Offers Veterinary Care For Skinny Pigs

Skinny pigs are a special category of guinea pig that has no hair. They are quickly becoming a popular pet, because of their sociable, interactive natures. Like other pets, skinny pigs need an experienced vet that understands their unique needs. At Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, VA, we offer veterinary care for skinny pigs and other pocket pets.

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Understanding Your Skinny Pig

Skinny pigs were developed by crossing a hairless laboratory species of a guinea pig with a haired guinea pig. They have no hair on their bodies but may have tufts of hair on their noses. Their skin often shows patterns, as if mimicking the patterns of hair. They are fun- loving and friendly creatures that enjoy their time interacting with their humans. They live for about 6 years, with good care. They sometimes “popcorn," that is, do quick jumping movements when they are happy. Skinny pigs can be enjoyable pets that need a minimum of care and are enjoyable companion animals.

Skinny Pig Care

Skinny pigs require the same type of care you would provide for a haired guinea pig, such as a safe cage, non-toxic bedding changed daily, fresh water that is always available and a diet of fresh, clean vegetables and grass. Because they have no hair, you don’t have to brush them, as you would a haired guinea pig, and you should only bathe them when necessary, and then, only in a warm room and with a pet-formula shampoo. Skinny pigs need daily interaction with their owners to be happy, friendly pets. They should be protected from cold and from other animals. They can be the perfect pets for individuals who live in a small apartment or for those who cannot provide the more extensive care of larger pets.

Your Vet in Radford Can Help Keep Your Skinny Pig Healthy

Regular care for skinny pigs should include having their nails clipped, tooth trimming and regular veterinary checkups. Cavies are sensitive to cold and may come down with respiratory infections. Your vet in Radford can provide antibiotics to prevent these respiratory illnesses from becoming a more dangerous case of pneumonia. The vet can also advise you on maintaining a healthy weight and preventing kidney disease, as your pet gets older.

Make Radford Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian for Pet Care

Dr. Hansen and the team at Radford Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing quality veterinary care for all their patients in Radford, VA, and surrounding communities. We offer preventive care, dental care, surgery, boarding, grooming and care for pocket pets and exotic pets. Call Radford Animal Hospital today at (540) 639-3891 for an appointment to have your skinny pig examined for lifelong health.

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