Skin Allergies

If you believe your cat or dog is suffering from a skin allergy, getting them treatment is a must. We here at Radford Animal Hospital in Radford are here for your pets when the need arises. Here is some information about skin allergies, including the signs of a problem, how to keep your pet from suffering from dermatology issues, and how pet care provided by our animal hospital can help.

Skin Allergies

The Signs That Your Pet Has a Skin Allergy

The most noticeable sign of a skin allergy is a rash. A rash can be red or skin-colored. It may include raised bumps or crusty spots. You may notice that your pets bite or scratch at portions of their skin where a dermatology problem has arisen. If your pet is doing this constantly, it is best to see our veterinarian for an evaluation.

How to Help Keep Skin Allergies at Bay

It is wise to provide your dog or cat with flea and tick prevention measures, as these pests cause allergic reactions along with their other symptoms. This can be done by seeing our vet and obtaining preventative medication to give your pet monthly. If you believe your pet is suffering from a skin allergy that is caused by the food they are eating, there’s a simple way to discover what the culprit is. You will need to eliminate all foods except for one from your pet's diet. If they do not suffer from a problem after eating it for several days, add another type of food to see if the problem occurs. This can be helpful in tracking down the food to eliminate completely.

What Happens During a Trip to Our Animal Hospital

If you decide to bring your pet to our animal hospital for a checkup, our vet will take a close look at your dog or cat's skin to determine the reason for any present rash or irritation. We may need to run blood tests to make a diagnosis. In many instances, medication can clear a skin problem effectively. Our vet will also discuss any lifestyle changes to consider for your pet so that skin allergies do not happen again in the future.

If your dog or cat needs pet care, contact Radford Animal Hospital to make an appointment. Be sure to indicate that your pet has a skin difficulty. Call us at (540) 639-3891 to find out about scheduling availability or to inquire about the services we provide to pets in the Radford area.

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