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Radford Animal Hospital Puppy & Kitten Wellness Programs

radford puppy & kitten care

The Radford Animal Hospital Wellness Programs were developed to give your new puppy or kitten state of the art health care at significant savings while being able to budget the cost, and take advantage of several complimentary services and discounts.

When you enroll in our complete wellness programs, your pet will receive the following benefits:

  1. Their complete series of vaccinations, including Feline Leukemia/ Feline Immunodeficiency Virus  testing for cats.
  2. Stool examination for intestinal parasites.
  3. Two de-wormings.
  4. Dogs receive 5 monthly treatments of Sentinel Spectrum, which controls not only heartworms, but also roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Dogs also receive 5 monthly treatments of Nexgard - an oral flea/tick preventative.
  5. Cats receive 5 monthly treatments of EasySpot - our recommended topical flea/tick preventative for cats.
  6. Spay or Neuter.
  1. Pre-Anesthetic blood testing to assess the liver, kidneys, clotting factors, and other hidden illnesses which can create higher risks before surgery. 
  2. Pre-Surgical Fluids during surgery ensure adequate hydration while helping the kidney/liver flush the anesthesia. Providing fluids during an anesthetic procedure maintains blood pressure.
  3. Post-surgical pain medication to ease your pet’s discomfort in the hospital and when it goes home.
  4. Microchip placement. Microchips are small implants that are placed under the skin and serve as permanent identification should your pet become lost or stolen.  Almost all animal shelters, humane societies, and veterinary hospitals have scanners that identify microchips.  This is a great way to help keep your pet safe!! 

    All of these services are discounted a full 10% compared to purchasing them individually.


While on the program, you will receive FREE physical exams should your pet become ill,

FREE nail trims as often as needed, and comprehensive handouts on puppy and kitten behavior.

The Wellness Program is Very Affordable for Both Dogs and Cats

Puppies   $149  per month for 5 payments

Kittens    $139  per month for 5 payments

Please note: The first of five (5) non-refundable payments is due on the initial visit.  Emergency examinations, hospitalization, laboratory testing, and other medications are excluded from these programs.

     We hope you consider our wellness programs.  They make giving your pet the very best care easier and more affordable.  Please let our Receptionists, Technicians, or Doctors know if you have any questions.  Thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s care!

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