Pet Diet & Nutritional Counseling

Why Pet Nutrition Is Important

Pet nutrition is as important for your pets as it is for the rest of your family. Pet nutritional requirements will depend on your pet's age, size, breed, and health, and will change over time. Your pet needs a certain combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water every day. Radford Animal Hospital in VA will advise you on the best combination for your pet.

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Why Your Pet Should Feed on High-Quality Pet Food

One way to increase the longevity and quality of life for your pets is to give them the highest quality pet food you can. The food your pets eat contributes a direct effect on their health. The ingredients that go into making your pets' food should be high quality. ‘You are what you eat’ applies to pets as well. Your pets will have a better quality of life if their food is made with better quality ingredients.

Pets that eat quality food with better quality ingredients have:

  • Fewer skin conditions
  • Fewer ear infections
  • Fewer itching
  • Better muscling and muscle tone
  • Shiner coats
  • Stronger bones
  • More energy
  • Less inflammatory bowel disease

Better pet nutrition gives your pet an overall boost in immunity and improves its health over the long term.

What Constitutes a High-Quality Pet Food?

Giving your pet high quality food leads to a longer and healthier life for your pet and fewer veterinarian bills. Even if the cost of pet food is higher, it will be offset by the reduced risk of health issues and lower veterinarian bills.

Quality pet food should contain meat. It should also contain a carbohydrate. Avoid giving your pets corn, wheat, and soy components that are often used as fillers  

If you have any other questions about what you should be feeding your pets, come seek nutritional counseling and advice from Radford Animal Hospital in VA. Our personnel will advise you on the ideal nutritional combination for your pet.

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