Pet Microchipping at Radford Animal Hospital

Everyone loves their pet and they would not want to part ways with them unless their life ends; which is as much disappointing. That is why any effort toward ensuring that pets do not go missing is highly embraced. Microchipping is a simple, significant procedure which involves insertion of a microchip, which is a small object in size of a rice grain in the body of domestic animals. It is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes but lasts a lifetime. At Radford Animal Hospital, we have enough microchip implanters to help you with the process in the most convenient manner.


The Benefits of Getting your Pet Microchipped 

Radford Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital which offers a number of pet services, including the insertion of the microchip in the body of pets. There is a range of benefits that one gets to achieve when they have their pet microchipped. As mentioned above, pets are at times quite stubborn to an extent of sneaking out of the house without the consent of their owners. They stroll till they lose their way back home; this is where the microchip comes in. It helps you know where your pet is lost for an easy finding. 

Lost Pet Statistics

It is vital to have a brief look at the lost pet statistics to identify how imperative microchipping is. According to sources, ASPCA in 2012 conducted a lost pet statistics among 1,015 pet owners. It was reported that only 15 percent of the pet owners reported a lost pet. Due to microchipping, 93% of lost pets were safely returned home, while the rest could not be found by their guardians. This is why the services offered by Radford Animal Hospital should not be overlooked by the current pet owners.

How Radford Veterinarians Perform Microchipping 

If you thought microchipping is more of a surgical procedure, our team of experts is here to put your mind at ease. A microchip is only as large as a rice grain and can be simply embedded underneath the skin of your pet where it stays for a lifetime. Due to its size, a microchip can be placed anywhere underneath the skin of your pet through an injection.

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