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Behavior & Training in Radford

Training a dog to behave in an appropriate manner is not always as easy as it may sound. While dogs may respond to certain tones and actions, they also follow instincts and may behave in unexpected ways. By understanding common behaviors your dogs may exhibit and working with our Veterinarians, you have the tools to address problematic behavior and encourage pets to act in the way you prefer.

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Common Behaviors We Can Help Address

Unwanted behaviors from your dog may vary based on the breed and the solutions a veterinary professional recommends to limit potential risks. For example, neutering a male dog may reduce certain behaviors by reducing testosterone in your pet.

The common behaviors a dog may exhibit include:

  • Aggressive actions, like growling or biting

  • Barking at inappropriate times

  • Chewing on the furniture, shoes or other inappropriate objects

  • Howling, particularly when it gets excessive

  • Biting, nipping or mouthing, particularly in puppies or adult dogs while playing

While the behaviors are a natural action and pets have specific reasons for barking, howling or engaging in aggressive behaviors, you want to teach your pet proper actions. Certain unwanted behaviors are reduced or eliminated by spaying or neutering a pet. Other actions require proper training to address the underlying reasons for the actions.

How can Radford Animal Hospital Helps with Dog Behavior

We can help with unwanted dog behavior by identifying the reasons for the actions and then teaching pet owners how to train a pet for better behaviors. In some cases, a veterinarian may recommend treatments to reduce the risks of certain actions. For example, neutering a male dog may reduce aggression, marking territory or roaming if it occurs at a young age. 

Training a dog depends on the cause of the behavior. In many cases, you must teach a dog or puppy the behaviors you want through a reward system. Praise good behaviors you want to be repeated and discourage bad behaviors. At Radford Animal Hospital, a veterinary professional will help you determine appropriate training solutions for your dog's specific needs.

When to Seek Help to Train a Dog

The process of training a dog ultimately depends on the behaviors of the pet, the age of the dog and the reasons for certain behaviors. When you find that normal training strategies do not work or your dog continues to engage in unwanted behaviors, Radford Animal Hospital offers the tools and assistance you need to address the underlying behaviors. You want to seek assistance when your dog persists in poor behaviors or when you seem to lose control over a dog's behavior for any reason.

To Learn More, Contact Radford Animal Hospital Today!

Training your dog and teaching proper behavior to your pet plays a key role in their health and long-term behaviors. You want to catch problem behaviors early and start training your pet to avoid the actions. To learn more about training your pet dog or for an appointment at the Radford Animal Hospital, contact us today.

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