Preventative Care

Preventative Health Care for Your Pets from Our Veterinarian in Radford

Working with a veterinarian near Radford provides an opportunity to keep your pet healthy at different ages. In our clinic, we offer preventative care to reduce the risks to your pet's well-being. By understanding the different treatment options, you avoid health concerns in your pet.

Healthy dog and cat playing outside thanks to preventative vet care.

What is Preventative Health Care?

Preventative health care for a pet refers to regular treatments that reduce potential risks an animal's health. The reason you want to consider preventative care from a veterinarian is the ability to catch a problem at an early stage. Certain health concerns, like cancer or diabetes, need early detection for proper care and treatment.

By seeking preventative treatments, you catch problems early. It also allows you to reduce the risk of contagious health concerns or take measures to reduce the risk of certain ailments by adjusting your pet's lifestyle.

Preventative Treatments We Provide in our Animal Hospital

In our animal hospital, we offer treatments to prevent common ailments or health concerns. Our treatments vary based on your pet's current health, age, and needs, so we develop a plan of action after clarifying the situation.

Common treatments we offer include:

  • Microchipping, which helps identify your pet in an emergency situation
  • Vaccinations, which prevent the spread of specific diseases
  • Dental treatments, which vary based on your pet's dental health
  • Checkups or exams to identify potential problems
  • Parasite management, including the removal of parasites or medications to prevent parasite infestations
  • Dietary adjustments for diabetes, weight loss or other health goals
  • Referrals for behavioral concerns

In our animal hospital, we offer the veterinary care your pet needs to avoid common health risks. We provide several services to reduce specific risks and our suggestions for pet owners depend on the needs of your dog or cat.

Value of Regular Check-Ups

A regular check-up provides value for your pet at different ages. Early in your pet's life, the exams provide a baseline for current health and allow a veterinary professional to conditions like a kennel cough or other sicknesses. It also provides an opportunity to remove parasites from a pet's body and ensure that your pet has proper nutrition for a growing body.

As your pet ages, the treatments and care he or she needs will change. Adult dogs and cats require a check-up to catch problems at an early stage or prevent health risks from developing. We may recommend booster shots, dental care and adjustments to your pet's lifestyle.

Older pets need regular checkups to catch problems like cancer at an early stage. Age-related health concerns in a pet require early detection to slow the progression of a condition or heal your pet from the health concern. Our treatments depend on the needs of your pet and the concerns that arise during an exam.

Insurance and Veterinary Care

Seeking veterinary care from a veterinarian near Radford allows you to keep your pet's health. By working with an insurance provider, you limit the financial costs of treatment when an exam catches a problem with the animal's health. We recommend insurance at an early age for your peace of mind when seeking preventative care for a pet.

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Bringing a new dog or cat into your home requires proper measures for his or her health. In our clinic, we offer the exams and care your pet needs to stay healthy and active. To learn more about preventative treatments in our clinic or for an appointment, contact us at (540) 639-3891 today.

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