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Pet Insurance in Radford

Here at Radford Animal Hospital we frequently have pet owners who request information about pet insurance in Radford. While pet insurance can be beneficial for paying for vet care, it helps to understand which pet insurance is best suited for your pet’s needs. Let us help you by providing valuable information about pet insurance. 

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Importance of Pet Insurance

If your pet is hit by a car, swallows a large toy, ingests poison, or eats something they shouldn’t, you want to help immediately. However, with emergency vet care it can be costly. The easiest way to deal with vet care expenses is by getting pet insurance. You can insure your pet just like you do your other family members. This insurance should provide financial security in the event of a pet care crisis or health scare. In order for this to happen, though, you must have pet insurance in place prior to needing coverage. In other words, you cannot wait until an accident has happened to purchase insurance for your pet.

Coverage for Pets

The most common insurance coverage for pets is emergency care. This is vital for pets that live outdoors especially, but indoor pets can just as easily suffer from emergency situations. In addition to emergency pet care, you also want insurance to pay for preventative services. Preventive care includes pet vaccines, pet dentistry, and wellness checks. Other insurance may offer specialized features, such as pet boarding or pet grooming. It truly pays to read the fine print of your pet insurance policy to see what coverage you are purchasing.

Choosing Insurance for Pets

There are a few top insurance companies offering pet coverage. These include Trupanion, Veterinary Pet Insurance, Healthy Pets, and Nationwide. However, you can check with your home insurance provider to see if there is an option of adding a pet to your policy. Research the policies available to see what they cover, and how far the benefits will go before your annual policy costs increase. Go online and read customer reviews of pet owners who have had the same pet insurance coverage. Take all of this into consideration before selecting your pet’s insurance plan. If you need assistance with choosing a plan for your pet, we can help.

Wellness Plan Coverage

Here at the Radford Animal Hospital, our staff is ready to assist you with your pet insurance needs. We can help you choose the right coverage you need for your particular pet’s lifestyle and healthcare coverage. If you want to choose an alternative to pet insurance, consider wellness plan coverage.  According to Dr. Hansen, our associate veterinarian, “We also offer puppy, kitten, adult and senior wellness plans which are not insurance but are a way to pay for your pet's routine yearly health care monthly and receive discounts on care.” This allows you to set aside money in advance to pay for preventative care and emergency services at vets near Radford. 

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As your vet here at Radford Animal Hospital it is our mission to help you give your pet the best of care. Start with purchasing pet insurance to be able to afford any type of health care your pet needs. Contact our office at (540) 639-3891 to schedule your vet appointment or for more information about pet insurance.

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