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Sometimes you can't take your furry family members with you when you travel. There are many reasons for pet boarding, from work trips, overseas travel, and even boarding for after surgical care. During those times Radford Animal Hospital can help you have peace of mind about your pet until you return. We offer quality pet boarding services to pets in and around the Radford, VA area. You can rest assured that your pet is receiving the best in care when you can't be there.

Quality Services Provided While Your Pet Stays at Radford Animal Hospital 

  • Time with the professionals out of the kennel. Daily exercise is important for your pet's mental and physical health. They will be stimulated with physical activity and attention while they are boarded. 
  • A diet that fits your pet's specific needs. Healthy food and fresh clean water are basic necessities. You can rest assured that your pet receives top-notch care at every level. 
  • Their own personal zone with a safe area and bed that fits your pet. When your pet is not exercising or receiving attention, he will be in a comfortable environment and well monitored. 
  • On-site veterinarian who knows your pet if he is a patient. So if your pet feels ill, we don't have to call anyone as the pro is already there. This is an even bigger perk if your pet is already familiar with the doctor. 
  • Optional grooming services available. Discuss if you like grooming as well as boarding for your pet. Our groomers are the best in the area and your pet can come home looking and smelling great. 
  •  People who truly love their profession. All of the staff at Radford Animal Hospital are enthusiastic about animals and knowledgeable in their field. 

We urge you to board your pet instead of leaving them home to be checked in on daily. Dogs can feel lonely as well and they can get into a lot of trouble if left alone for too long. 

Contact Us for Peace of Mind When You Travel

Call us today to set up an appointment or to discuss boarding your pet. Who better to board Fido than the professionals who have taken care of his health and already know his personality and history? Who better to care for your cat than a vet who has accommodations that ensure a calm environment and any dietary specializations are met? Tour our boarding wing today before your next vacation. We proudly serve pets in Radford, VA and the surrounding areas. If your pet is not already a patient, set up an appointment so we can begin a long-term bond throughout your pet's life. It is important that your pet is comfortable with us before we need to treat him for something uncomfortable, so call today. 

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