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Radford Virginia Pet Grooming Services

At Radford Animal Hospital, we're happy to provide a variety of pet grooming services to keep our four-legged patients happy and healthy. We know it isn't always easy to wrangle your pet for a bath or nail trim, let alone a full service cat groom or dog groom. That's why we have professionals on our team who are trained to do it for you. It's important to make sure your pets stay cool, clean, and healthy, so put your pet first and take advantage of our Radford Virginia pet grooming services.

Health Benefits of Pet Grooming

Grooming is a popular way to help dogs and cats look their best, but it's not completely superficial. Brushing, bathing, and trimming are essential to your pet's health, too. At Radford Animal Hospital, we have firsthand experience with the crucial health benefits of pet grooming. Our groomers prevent painful mats that pull at sensitive skin, eliminate germs, dirt, and allergens that cause illness, and make sure fleas and ticks have no chance to take over.  

Grooming also plays a surprising role in your pet's veterinary care. It's important to inspect your pet's fur and skin regularly for mites, allergic reactions, rashes, lumps, sensitive spots, and other physical changes. Even if you do your best to perform regular exams, some signs of distress are too gradual or unfamiliar for the average pet owner to easily detect. Others, such as anal gland or inner ear problems, require precise and intrusive methods that you may not be comfortable following.

Of course, early detection is the best way to avoid life-threatening health complications. Good professional groomers provide know where and how to check your pet's body for common red flags, so that you can stop problems before they spread. If you keep up with a regular grooming schedule, your groomer will quickly get to know your pet's unique bone structure and mannerisms. 

Accommodating Your Pet's Unique Grooming Needs

Different dog and cat breeds have different grooming needs, and every animal has a unique demeanor. Professional groomers are trained to anticipate these differences and adapt. They know which tools and hair lengths are ideal for specific dog breeds, and they have tricks to keep pets calm during the treatment. If your dog hates the sound of an electric shaver or your cat won't let you touch her nails, your groomer has the skills to work around this.

Breed differences are also important, even if you don't plan to show your pet. For example, a puppy groom is a good idea if your new dog has a silky coat, because frequent brushing is important to prevent tangles. If you have a double-coated Chow or Collie, her undercoat will thicken into a rough layer if it isn't methodically separated and combed.

Call us now to schedule a full service pet groom. If your groomer spots any physical changes, our Radford veterinarian team will take a further look right away.

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