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Pet Grooming At Radford Animal Hospital

Pet owners all over love their pets. They love them almost as much as they love their own children. However, they don't take pet grooming as seriously as they should. Sure, they want their adorable furry friend to look good, but they don't realize that pet grooming goes beyond just cosmetics. It is also good for the overall health of the pet. In fact, our veterinarian at Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, Virginia will vouch for that.


The Importance of Pet Grooming

Our veterinarian, Dr. Carol Hansen, is a highly trained, licensed, and experienced animal doctor. Your pet will be in good hands with us. Even our staff is highly trained and loves animals. Our grooming services include bathing, nail trimming, fur trimming, ear cleaning, dental cleaning, and more. 

How much grooming your pet needs depends on various factors, such as the health, age, and breed of the pet. For instance, dogs that don't shed as much as others, such as a poodle, required grooming every four to eight weeks whereas shaggy dogs should be groomed more frequently. Also, it is imperative to groom your pet often.  Of course, one reason is due to the general cleanliness of the pet. The following includes other main reasons why pets should be groomed daily:

  • To decrease the chance of different health problems occurring, like scratches, thrush, and other skin problems
  •  To monitor the health of your pet by checking for hot spots, cuts, lameness, swelling, or temperament changes in which all these conditions could be an indication of illness
  • To eliminate possible infestation load of parasites on the skin
  • To form a closer bond between you and your pet
  • To avoid matting that can cause health issues, such as harmful bacteria entrapment in the coat or skin irritation

Call Us To Learn More About Pet Grooming

So, as you see, grooming is very important and should be done regularly. For more information about pet grooming, contact Radford Animal Hospital today. Located in Radford, Virginia, our staff is more than ready to assist in your pet grooming needs. We have been serving Radford and surrounding areas since 1955. We have state-of-the-art equipment and tools available to groom your furry loved ones with ease and to keep them as comfortable as possible. Your pet will be in good hands with us. Also, we have extended hours from Monday through Saturday, and we are more than happy to assist you. So, contact today! 

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