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At Radford Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of comprehensive, cost-effective, and caring veterinary services to help keep your cat or dog healthy for life. One of the most important services we provide is spay and neuter surgery. 

Why Spay and Neuter?

Spay (for female cats and dogs) and neuter (for male cats and dogs) is a surgical procedure that renders your animal sterile and unable to produce offspring. This is a safe procedure provided to millions of cats and dogs every year in this country. There are several benefits to spaying or neutering your animal:

  • Reduces pet over-population, over-breeding, and over-crowding at shelters

  • Reduces the number of unwanted animals that end up as strays or get sent to shelters (where sadly, millions are euthanized annually)

  • Increases your pet's lifespan 

  • Reduces the risk of chronic health problems for your pet, including cancer and tumors 

  • Prevents unwanted animal behaviors, including roaming, marking, and aggression 

What to Expect From Spay and Neuter Surgery

Your animal's safety is our number one priority. Before any veterinary procedure, our veterinarian team will carefully review with you any special considerations for your animal's care and recovery. 

  • To reduce pain and stress for your animal, our veterinary surgical team will place your cat or dog under general anesthesia during the spay or neuter procedure. Your veterinarian will tell you when to stop giving your pet food and water prior to surgery (just like in humans, fasting reduces the risk of vomiting during a surgical procedure performed under anesthesia). 

  • The actual spay and neuter procedure itself is very quick--usually no more than 1 hour for males and up to 2 hours for females. Your cat or dog is carefully monitored by our veterinarian team from start to finish.

  • After the procedure, it's normal for your pet to seem a little groggy. This is a common mild side effect of anesthesia. While the risk of complications following a spay and neuter surgery is low, we'll teach you about any unusual things to look out for, such as signs and symptoms of infection or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. 

  • It's normal for a surgical site to itch as it heals, so to prevent your cat or dog from scratching or licking the incision, your animal may need to wear a collar or t-shirt. You may need to keep your pet's activity level a little lower for a couple days following the procedure, to prevent straining at the surgical site. 

Visit Our Veterinarian Team at Radford Animal Hospital Today

At Radford Animal Hospital, our friendly and caring veterinary team wants to make the spay or neuter procedure as easy and stress-free as possible for both you and your animal. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call us at (540) 639-3891. We proudly serve pet owners and their furry friends from Radford, Christianburg, Blacksburg, Dublin, Fairlawn, New River Valley, and surrounding Virginia communities. 

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