Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery at Radford Animal Hospital

If your pet is clearly suffering from an acute or chronic musculoskeletal problem by displaying symptoms such as lameness, a wobbly gait, stiffness, exercise avoidance or other signs of joint pain, it may be time to consider orthopedic surgery. Fortunately, you can turn to the experienced surgeons at Radford Animal Hospital. Dr. Newman and Dr. Hanson can evaluate your pet's condition and perform the appropriate procedure to relieve pain, repair serious injuries, or improve joint mobility and stability.

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A Variety of Options From Your Veterinarian

Our team can determine the exact cause of your pet's discomfort or disability. An acute injury such as a compound fracture is an obvious red flag that immediate surgery is necessary. Your veterinarian can also tell whether a nagging chronic ailment requires surgery by observing your pet's stance, gait and behavior during an evaluation. X-rays and other diagnostic measures can confirm the diagnosis, at which point we will make sure your pet is healthy enough for surgery and general anesthesia. Our orthopedic surgery options include:

Fracture repair - Plate fixation surgery is a standard method for setting severe or complex fractures. Multiple screws are threaded through a metal plate and into the fractured one, holding the bone ends securely together so they can knit.

Intervertebral disc disease surgery - When the discs that provide shock absorption between vertebrae deteriorate or herniate, severe pain and nerve impingement may result. We can remove the loose bits of disc material to release compressed nerve tissue.

Luxating patella - A luxating patella is a kneecap that tends to dislocate, causing pain, knee stiffness, and gait problems. If the groove that normally holds the patella in place is too shallow, your veterinarian can deepen it surgically. If the patella's ligament is attached to the tibia in the wrong place, we can relocate its attachment point.

Dislocated hip - A dislocated hip may be the result of acute injury or a congenital deformity called hip dysplasia. We can modify or replace the head of the femur to ensure stable, comfortable joint motion. In some cases we can even remove the femoral head completely, allowing the surrounding tissues to support the joint while eliminating hip pain.

Ruptured ACL - If the anterior cruciate ligament in your pet's knee is only partially torn, conservative care may allow it to heal. In the case of a full rupture, we may recommend TPLO or TTA surgery. These procedures modify the tibia so that the joint will be stable without a functioning ACL. In small pets, we may be able to install sutures that serve as an artificial ACL.

Osteoarthritis surgery - Surgery can relieve the bone-on-bone friction of severe osteoarthritis. Artificial joint replacements are one means of achieving this. Vertebral fusion surgery can relieve the agony of spinal arthritis.

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