Digital X-Ray Technology

Digital X-Ray Technology from our Radford Veterinarian

The first step in any effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis -- but many conditions don't reveal themselves to an exterior inspection or even to laboratory testing. Sometimes the best way to find out what's going on in your pet is to take a look at him. Radiology, the use of X-rays to view internal structures, has been an enormously helpful non-invasive solution ever since they were first discovered in 1895. Today's digital X-ray technology is safer, faster and more useful than ever -- and your Radford veterinarian (Dr. Newman or Dr. Hansen) is proud to make this service available to your beloved pet.

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Our Veterinarians Explain How Radiology is a Critical Veterinary Diagnostic Tool

Radiology is a diagnostic technique that makes use of X-rays, an invisible form of radiation that has some remarkable qualities. When X-ray energy is directed at a part of the body, some of the energy passes through softer structures to greater or lesser degrees while bouncing off of harder structures such as bone. This means that a photographic plate on the opposite side of the body will form an image in which bones appear solid while soft tissues appear in shades of gray. This allows veterinary professionals to view everything from dental infections and fractures to ingested foreign objects, bladder stones, and tumors.

But as helpful as traditional X-rays have always been, the technology has its downside as well. A significant amount of X-ray exposure may necessary to obtain a clear image -- and an unclear image may need to be taken again. The photographs must also be developed, a process that can delay diagnosis and treatment.

The Digital X-Ray Advantage

Digital X-ray technology has brought veterinary radiology firmly into the 21st Century. Your pet will enjoy many important benefits from our digital X-ray services, including:

Clearer images - Digital X-ray images offer unparalleled detail and resolution, letting us see internal structures (and problems) more clearly than ever before. We can blow the image up, alter contrast and make other image enhancements to clarify details even further.

Less radiation - Because digital X-ray images form instantly, this technology exposes your pet to less radiation than traditional X-rays. The extra image clarity may also eliminate the need to take as many x-rays to see what we need to see. This makes it a much safer diagnostic option for your beloved friend.

Quicker diagnosis - Instead of waiting for photographs to develop, your Radford veterinarian can view the completed x-ray right away on a computer monitor. The digital image can even be shared immediately with other consulting professionals as easily as sending an email.

Call Radford Animal Hospital to Schedule Diagnostic Services

Whether you're concerned about a specific health problem or it's simply time to set up your pet's next checkup, contact Radford Animal Hospital at (540) 639-3891 to learn more about our digital X-ray capabilities and schedule this important form of diagnostic care. Seeing is believing!

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