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Radford Animal Hospital is your one stop location for pet care services for your pet. Our Radford veterinarian is skilled in treating all kinds of conditions in all kinds of pets. Whether you own a traditional kit or pup or a fuzzy rabbit, exotic bird, or furry pocket pet, we have what you need to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout his lifespan. For your convenience, we offer the following pet care services and more:


Wellness Exams

During a wellness exam, our Radford veterinarian will inspect your pets from head to tail to evaluate their health. We’ll check their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth for signs of sickness or disease. We’ll inspect their skin for dermatology issues and listen to their hearts and lungs for symptoms of internal problems. We’ll also test muscle strength and joints for signs of arthritis.

Wellness exams are an essential aspect of preventative care, as they alert us to health problems early on, before they cause your pets serious harm. By taking preventative measures to protect your pets, we can prolong their lives. 

Pet Vaccinations

We provide core and non-core vaccinations to protect your pets from sickness and disease. After reviewing your pets’ health history, we’ll create a vaccination schedule that offers the best protection for their age, lifestyle, and breed.

Pet Dental Care

Good oral health is important for your pets. We offer annual dental exams and cleanings that can keep your pets’ teeth and gums free of infections and gum disease.    

Pet Surgery & Diagnostics

Our Radford vet performs general, orthopedic, and soft tissue surgeries to correct medical conditions and restore your pets to good health. Pet surgery for serious conditions can expand the lifespan of your kit or pup. Our in-house diagnostics and lab services help us provide quicker diagnosis of your pets’ condition to expedite their treatment.

Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling

Through nutritional counseling, you can establish healthy dietary habits for your pets to keep them healthy and fit. Our behavior counseling can help your pets develop good behaviors that facilitate bonding with you and your family.

Emergency & Urgent Care

If your pets have an emergency or urgent medical need, we’ll provide the prompt, effective treatment they need.


Professional pet grooming will enhance your pet's appearance and improve his health. Our grooming services include essentials such as bathing, trimming fur and nails, brushing, and ear cleaning to keep your pets looking their best.


We maintain a clean, secure, comfortable boarding facility that serves as a home away from home for your pets when you’re away.

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For quality veterinary services to enhance the health and wellness of your beloved pet, contact Radford Animal Hospital at (540) 639-3891 today.

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