Poison or Toxin Ingestion

Emergency Pet Care For Poison Or Toxin Ingestion

Owning a pet comes with major responsibilities, and those who have pets know that it can be hard to keep an eye on them constantly. Sometimes, pets get into things that they shouldn't, including people's food, garbage, and cleaning supplies. These substances can severely make your animal ill. The team at Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, VA, is here to help you understand what a possible poison or toxin ingestion might mean for a furry animal.


Symptoms of a Poison or Toxic Substance

Your pet’s symptoms will vary depending on what was ingested. If your animal consumed a harmful substance, it is essential to watch for signs. Your pet may appear to be confused or lethargic. Your animal may also vomit or gag, or have constipation or diarrhea due to the ingestion. It is not uncommon for pets to have abdominal pain as a result of consuming a foreign or toxic material.

If your furry friend has any of the above symptoms, take him or her to our animal hospital immediately for emergency pet care. Never try to force your animal to vomit unless instructed by our veterinary team.

How Our Vets Treat a Poison or Toxic Substance

Before our veterinarian, Dr. Hansen, treats the problem, she is going to try to identify the cause of the reaction. Our vet may order some tests, which could include bloodwork and imaging scans, to look for evidence of a poison or toxic substance. Dr. Hansen may also decide to induce vomiting, allowing the substance to leave from your animal’s digestive tract. Once your pet is stable, we may want to rehydrate him or her with IV fluids. 

Depend On Our Veterinarian in Radford for Emergency Pet Care

It can be a scary time to see your companion pet ill. During this time, trust the care of our team at Radford Animal Hospital to help save your pet’s life. We are here to serve pet owners in the Radford area with all of their vet care needs. We place the needs of pets first and will leave no stone unturned for the health of your family member. If you believe your animal consumed a poisonous substance, contact us at (540) 639-3891 immediately to talk to one of our staff members. We are here to help you.

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