Pet Urgent/Emergency Care

Radford Animal Hospital Offers Pet Urgent Care and Emergency Care

Any animal can experience a veterinary emergency at some time in their lives. At these times, professional vet care is critical. Other less drastic illnesses and injuries can occur, which are considered “urgent care” situations that should receive veterinary attention as soon as possible. At Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, VA, we offer both pet urgent care and pet emergency care for our patients.


What is the Difference Between Pet Urgent Care and Emergency Care?

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine whether an animal is in an urgent care situation or an emergency care situation. If an animal is clearly in pain or other type of physical distress, then emergency care is probably needed. If the animal has a problem that is not life threatening, but clearly requires treatment, then it is probably an urgent care situation. If a health problem turns out to be more serious than you have anticipated, emergency care can be administered, as needed.

Common Pet Emergencies

We also provide emergency care for situations involving excessive bleeding, seizure, unconsciousness and broken bones. If your pet is vomiting or has diarrhea continuously, you should bring him or her in for immediate care. Any problem with breathing or constant coughing should receive care. If your pet has been hit by car, has been in a fight with another animal or has developed heatstroke, immediate treatment is critical. Your vet can help with prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Common Pet Urgent Care Problems

Veterinarians encounter several common health issues in pets that need treatment faster than a scheduled appointment can provide. These include mild vomiting or diarrhea, respiratory infections, coughing, straining to defecate or urinate, minor wounds, paw or nail problems, eye infections, rashes or evidence of worms or fleas. Unusual changes in behavior would also fit this category of veterinary care. The vet will provide a thorough examination and testing to determine the source of the problem, so that appropriate treatment can be administered to relieve symptoms.

Make Radford Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian for Urgent Care & Emergency Care

Dr. Hansen and the team at Radford Animal Hospital make quality care a priority for all their patients in Radford, VA, and neighboring communities. We offer a range of veterinary services, including, exams, vaccinations, surgery, diagnostics, dental care, behavioral counseling, grooming, and boarding.

Contact Radford Animal Hospital today at (540) 639-3891 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the urgent care and emergency care services we provide.

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