Pet Hypertension

Pets can suffer from some of the same diseases that affect humans. One of the most surprising things to our clients here at Radford Animal Hospital learn is that their pet is suffering from high blood pressure. As humans, we don't think about pet hypertension being a thing. After all, our pets don't hold full-time jobs, have to worry about bills, or deal with many other stressors that humans face. Why would their blood pressure be high? Our veterinarian must then explain that stress isn't what causes pet hypertension. Let's take a deeper look.


What is Blood Pressure?

It takes force for blood to circulate through the body. Our veterinarian hopes to see a reading somewhere between 120 and 130 mmHg. Animals can become stressed at the veterinarian’s office, so a pressure reading under 160 is often seen as okay. If blood pressure rises above 180, it can result in organ damage. Because the number may change due to stress, our veterinarian will wait for five consecutive high readings before declaring that a pet does indeed have pet hypertension.

What Causes Pet Hypertension and What Can It Do?

Pet hypertension is often caused by an underlying health condition. Potential causes include diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease, and other chronic disorders. If left untreated, hypertension can cause blindness, brain and spinal cord disorders, kidney problems, and heart issues. It can also lead to stroke and death if blood clots form.

Treating Your Pet

Our veterinarian will determine the cause of pet hypertension and treat that disorder. In some cases, our veterinarian may prescribe medication to lower your pet’s blood pressure. You will likely be asked to change your pet's diet and exercise routines to help keep blood pressure low. Once your pet has been diagnosed with hypertension, it is important to follow our veterinarian's advice and to keep monitoring the condition. Adjustments will be made over time as your pet ages. Well-managed hypertension can help prevent diseases that are much more harmful in the long run. 

Pet Hypertension Treatment at Radford Animal Hospital

At Radford Animal Hospital, our veterinarian monitors pet blood pressure during each wellness visit. The sooner hypertension is detected, the more that can be done to address it and to curb the condition’s negative outcomes. Receiving a baseline reading of your pet’s blood pressure will help determine if and when intervention is necessary. For more information on pet hypertension or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (540) 639-3891.

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