Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Radford Animal Hospital Answers Pet Eye Infections FAQ’s

It is important to tend to pet eye infections appropriately so a dog or cat receives proper treatment for effective healing. Contact Radford Animal Hospital in Radford to make an appointment with our veterinarian if you suspect your cat or dog is suffering from an eye infection. Here are some Pet Eye Infection FAQ to help you understand this condition and why it is important to obtain treatment.

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What Causes Pet Eye Infections?

There are several reasons why a pet may contract an eye infection. If your pet is not feeling well, an eye infection could be a symptom of the condition. If your pet recently suffered from an injury to the eye, an infection could arise. An eye infection can spread from one eye to the other if it is not treated in a timely manner as well.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Eye Infection?

If your pet has an eye infection, there is likely to be a discharge noticed. This may be clear, creamy, or crusty. Your pet may blink or keep their eye shut when an infection is present. Discoloration of the eye may also be a sign there is a problem to tend to.

How Can Our Veterinarian Help With Treatment?

Failing to treat an eye infection in a pet could lead to worsening of symptoms. Your pet could suffer from vision problems or blindness as a result. Our veterinarian will perform a complete assessment of your pet's health to help determine the cause for infection of an eye. They will then prescribe your pet medication to clear the problem properly. Recommendations about eye care will also be provided.

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