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High-Quality Pet Ear Care from Our Veterinarian

Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, VA, is here to offer the highest quality of care for your pets, whether they need ear care or any other sort of treatment. There are two different categories of care that we offer for any ear problems your pets may be having. First of all, we offer preventative care in the form of regular ear exams. We can also clean your pets' ears, if necessary. This will prevent most ear problems before they even start. If your pet does end up getting an ear infection, rest assured that we can treat this condition relatively easily. To learn more about the pet ear care options that we offer at Radford Animal Hospital, read on. 


Preventative Pet Ear Care

Most pets need only preventative pet ear care. The first form of preventative ear care is a simple exam. We can perform this exam at your pets' yearly checkup or at your request. Usually, there is nothing that arouses our concern. The most common thing that we see is simply dirty ears, which can lead to infections. We can clean your pet's ears on the spot in just a few minutes if they're dirty.

Treating Pet Ear Infections

The most common ear problem that we see in our patients is an ear infection. While an ear infection can certainly be uncomfortable for your pet and a little scary for you, you should know that we can treat the vast majority of ear infections quite easily. We have various prescription antibiotic medicines that are designed specifically for clearing up pet ear infections. Usually, your pet will only need to take one course of these antibiotics and they will be fine.

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Here at Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, VA, we offer only the highest quality care for your pet. We can take care of ear conditions, as well as preventative care and treatment for many more conditions. Our veterinary staff is fully certified and highly experienced, so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. If your pet needs ear care or any other sort of treatment, contact us through our website or call us today at (540) 639-3891. One of our associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to find an appointment time that works for your busy schedule.

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