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Pet Bathing at Radford Animal Hospital

At Radford Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer professional pet grooming and pet bathing as one of our services for your pet cat or pet dog. For pet bathing, we are fully equipped to offer both standard pet bathing and grooming as well as medical or medicated pet bathing for more specialized treatment. So, when you're searching for a veterinarian near me who can do it all, you need to go no further than our team at Radford Animal Hospital. 


Pet Bathing at Your Local Veterinarian

Pet bathing, grooming, and overall cleanliness plays an important role in the overall health and happiness of your pet. Regular grooming is essential for longer-haired pets as it prevents their hair from being matted or from it growing so as to impact their overall wellness, such as blocking their vision. Pet bathing also helps to remove common skin irritants and serves as a critical opportunity to check for lumps, rashes, ticks, and other issues that can often be hidden beneath a thick coat of dry pet hair.

While regular pet bathing is a key component of overall pet health and wellness, it isn't always easy for pet owners to do. When pet bathing and grooming aren't approached correctly, it can be easy to cause stress and trauma to pets. Bathing your pet at home often means compromising with location, with many people trying to kneel over pets in a slick tub or others trying to wrangle them beneath the hose. The water used here is often too hot, too cold, or too high pressure, while the pet owner, inexperienced with technique, often rushes trying to get the whole process over with.

Forget that mess and stress and instead go with our veterinary professionals. Here at Radford Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that your pet gets the best grooming and pet bathing they need. This includes pet bathing in a state-of-the-art facility that is designed to reduce stress with trained professionals and equipment that ensure that pet bathing isn't traumatic and that your pet enjoys all the great benefits of it. 

Other services outside of general pet bathing include nail trimming, anal gland expressions, ear cleaning, hair trimming, and more. Additionally, if your pet is diagnosed with a skin condition or otherwise needs a special medicated bath, such as for allergies or when recouping from a medical procedure, our veterinary technicians are equipped to ensure that your pets get the care they need. 

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