Radford Animal Hospital Receptionist Job description



1. Client Relations

A receptionist has influence with our clients other positions do not. A receptionist is the first impression a current or potential client sees or hears, and that comes with certain obligations. At all times, a receptionist must maintain a warm, yet professional appearance and demeanor. A receptionist needs to be proficient in all of the hospital's protocols, and able to answer any question a client may have. A receptionist must be efficient and effective, able to multi-task, and provide a liaison between client and veterinarian. Focusing on client satisfaction rather than client service is required at all times. Client satisfaction allows our clients to set the standard for all aspects of their care. Whatever a client needs, we provide to the best of our abilities, and the ability to anticipate needs is paramount. Radford Animal Hospital receptionists are required to be up front at all times in order to greet clients immediately. Client Relations also includes, but is not limited to: reminder (appointment and surgery) calls, medical call-backs, and mail correspondence.

2. Administrative Duties

A receptionist is responsible for all file maintenance. File maintenance requires basic typing skills, a fundamental knowledge of the alphabet, thoroughness and neatness. Receptionists are also in charge of scheduling appointments, surgical procedures, and boarding reservations. All receptionists must learn the hospital's schedule from booking appointments to the number of anesthetic procedures per day to boarding space in our kennel. Our receptionists must also be proficient in our invoicing procedures. Invoicing clients is primarily a receptionist's responsibility requiring efficiency and accuracy.

3. Animal Care

A receptionist is expected to participate in any/ all aspects of animal care. Excellent and proper animal care is paramount at our hospital. During certain times, a receptionist may be asked to restrain an animal (after proper training), prepare a surgical cage, clean a cage, offer food or water, or monitor eating/ drinking. Our receptionists are also responsible for immediate clean-up of the reception area, or front door area, collecting any sample necessary.

4. Office Maintenance

A receptionist is responsible for maintaining a clean and clutter-free workspace. A receptionist also keeps the reception area and client restroom clean, well-stocked and aromatic. All other cleaning duties within the hospital are assigned to staff members as needed.

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