Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness with our Radford Veterinarian

Senior Pet Care in Radford

At Radford Animal Hospital, the experienced and compassionate team at our veterinary hospital is committed to helping your pet lead the healthiest life possible. If you have an older pet, such as a cat or dog over the age of seven, this is generally considered to be a "senior" pet. Of course, the definition of a senior pet can vary depending on the specific breed and size.

As your pet ages, there are some specific preventative care and routine care tips you should be following to protect your pet's health—and our vet is here to help, serving not just Radford but the surrounding areas of Dublin, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg as well!

Senior Pet Wellness Tips for a Longer, Healthier Life

One of the best senior pet wellness tips you can follow as a pet owner is to start bringing your pet in for more frequent health and wellness exams. Specifically, senior pets should be brought in at least twice a year to see our veterinarian for a routine exam. These more frequent exams allow us to better stay alert of changes in your pet's health, which could make it easier for us to diagnose and treat underlying health problems.

Depending on your pet's age and lifestyle, we may also recommend specific testing and screening for certain medical conditions, such as blood testing for diabetes.

Should your pet ever need prescribed medication for an underlying illness or medical condition, you'll also be pleased to know that we have an in-house pet pharmacy to save you time and hassle.

Watching Out For Signs of Illness in Your Pet

Aside from taking steps to protect your pet's health and wellness with routine care at our veterinary hospital, we also recommend that you be on the lookout for signs of potential health problems in your pet. Some of the most common "red flags" to watch for with your pet's health include:

  • sudden loss of appetite and/or weight loss
  • unexplained bumps, lumps, or sores on your pet
  • change in energy levels or overall temperament
  • difficulty getting around or going potty

If you notice any of these changes in your pet's health, please be sure to schedule an appointment with our veterinary team as soon as possible so we can evaluate your pet.

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As your pet ages, of course you want to make sure he or she is well taken care of. Our Radford veterinarian is here every step of the way, so don't hesitate to schedule an appointment. You can reach our team at Radford Animal Hospital by calling us at (540) 639-3891 today!

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