Ear Infections

Understanding Pet Ear Infections in Radford, VA

When your pet gets an ear infection it can be excruciating and potentially life threatening if the infection spreads. To ensure your pet’s ear infection is diagnosed and treated correctly, seek the professional care of your vet. At the Radford Animal Hospital in Radford, VA we provide comprehensive pet wellness services including treatment for ear infections. Learn more about the process we follow for diagnosing, treating, and preventing ear infections in pets. 

Dog with an ear infection.

How is an Ear Infection Diagnosed

You may already have a good idea that your pet has an ear infection. However, without a proper veterinary diagnosis, you will not be able to determine the cause and proceed with treatment. When you bring your pet to see a vet at the Radford Animal Hospital we examine the pet’s ear, ear canal, and eardrum.

This involves a magnifying ear cone that may require your pet to be sedated, depending on their level of pain and temperament. If the ear has discharged this matter will likely be tested or examined for signs of bacteria or parasites. Other diagnostic measures may be used depending on the pet’s condition.

Symptoms of Ear Infections in Pets

If you think your pet has an ear infection, there are many symptoms you can look for. These include shaking of the head or scratching at the ear, which are the most common signs that something is amiss. Other symptoms include having a red or swollen ear, with or without discharge. If you pet is having trouble hearing or walking, or suffering from imbalance or strange eye movements, these are also indicators of an ear infection. 

Common Causes of Ear Infections 

Ear infections in pets run the gamut in causes. For pets with allergies, these animals are more likely to suffer from ear infections as a rule. Pets with excessive hair growth near the ear may also have more ear infections than normal. The actual causes of these ear infections tend to include bacteria, foreign bodies, mites, viruses, moisture, and yeast/fungus.

Your pet’s ear infection could also be caused by excessive cleaning, or not cleaning the ear often enough. If your pet has a medical condition or illness, such as autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders, meningitis, or encephalitis, these can cause ear infections. 

Treating and Preventing Ear Infections

The best way to treat an ear infection is to bring your pet to a veterinary doctor for treatment. Depending on the cause of the infection, your vet may use steroids and antibiotics for treating inflammation and infection. If the ear is excessively infected and causing your pet great pain, they may receive a pain relieving medication. Other treatments include removing the foreign body or bacteria from the ear so it can heal.

Once the ear infection is treated your vet can recommend preventative measures. Whether this involves getting an annual pet wellness check or cleaning your pet’s ears on a set schedule, your vet will help guide the way.

Contact a Veterinarian near Radford

As you search for a veterinarian near Radford to treat and prevent your pet’s ear infections, consider the Radford Animal Hospital. Veterinarians Dr. Mark Newman and Dr. Carol Hansen are ready to take care of your pet’s ears, while also providing comprehensive vet services. Contact our office at (540) 639-3891 today to schedule an appointment.

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