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Pet Eye Infections Treatment From Radford Animal Hospital

Taking care of your pet's eyes is important so they stay in the best of health. If you suspect your dog or cat has an eye infection, contact Radford Animal Hospital in Radford to have an evaluation done by our veterinarian so proper treatment is administered. Here are some Pet Eye Infections FAQs to read over so you understand the importance of having your pet checked if they are dealing with this medical condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Eye Infection?

There are several signs that could indicate your pet has an eye infection. If you notice one of your dog or cat's eyes has a discharge, or if it is crusty in appearance causing your pet to squint or keep its eye closed, medical intervention could help to heal the problem. Often a pet will try to scratch at an infected eye in an attempt to clear the vision as well. Sometimes an infected eye will appear reddish or cloudy. It is best to have your pet evaluated by our vet as a scratch could be present within an infected eye.

Why Is It Important To Treat An Eye Infection If A Pet Is Displaying Symptoms Of This Problem?

If you do not seek treatment for a pet that has an eye infection, there is a chance their sight will deteriorate from the condition. The possibility of blindness is also present in more severe cases. In addition, a pet with an eye infection is likely to be suffering from pain and discomfort. If a pet is unable to see properly, there is also a risk of them having further injuries as they may bump into something or scrape their eye due to poor sight. Failing to treat an eye infection can also lead to your pet's other eye becoming infected as well.

Why Do Eye Infections Occur And How Can Our Veterinarian Help?

Eye infections are often the result after an eye becomes injured due to a scratch or a foreign body getting inside of the eye. If medication is not administered by our veterinarian, bacteria in the eye will cause an infection to occur. Our veterinarian will do a complete evaluation of the affected eye to determine whether something needs to be removed or if an injury is causing the difficulty. In most cases, prescription eye drops will clear up the problem in its entirety.

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If you are worried that your dog or cat has an eye infection, making a call to Radford Animal Hospital to meet with our veterinarian. Give us a call today at (540) 639-3891 if you have further questions about pet eye infections or to make an appointment.

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