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Radford Animal Hospital Keeps your Pet’s Blood Pressure Checked

Radford Animal Hospital ensures that blood pressure of your pet is maintained at a certain healthy level. Our pharmacy is one which has the vision of ensuring that the pet owners are given the chance to extend the lifespan of their animals through professional veterinary services offered by our experts. In order to perceive this piece well, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of what hypertension is in relation to high blood pressure.

Kitten getting it's blood pressure tested.

What is Hypertension?

Pet blood pressure is an important aspect that has a direct effect on the life of animals that we keep at home. If you are a pet owner or an aspiring guardian, it pays to know what a hypertension is. The significant elevation of the usual blood pressure of animals is known as hypertension. Basically, the normal blood pressure of the animal is determined by its current health status; if this normal is elevated, then the condition is best referred to as hypertension. Radford Animal Hospital has enough resources to measure the blood pressure of your pets and offering appropriate solutions in case something usual is realized.

How Hypertension is Measured

Among cats and dogs, there are two ways in which Radford Animal Hospital measures blood pressure; direct and indirect method. In both ways, systolic pressure is the focal point, which is the highest pressure amid the cardiac cycle, alongside diastolic pressure which is the lowest. Finally, the average arterial pressure is calculated by using systolic and diastolic pressure. The Doppler method can also be employed to directly measure blood pressure in cats and dogs. This method utilizes the ultrasonic waves to determine blood pressure. The pressure cuff is placed on one of the limbs, where it does the work.

How Hypertension is treated and or managed

The initial step toward treating hypertension is by identifying the infections causing the same and curing it. There is always an infection that leads to the escalation in the blood pressure within the blood veins; our experts will help you with this process. The key motive of hypertension management is to ensure that cardiac output is lowered so that the peripheral resistance is lowered.

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