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Tips for a Pet's Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

Pet's Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

If you need to bring your dog or cat to Radford Animal Hospital in Radford to meet with our veterinarian for an exam, you are likely to worry about your pet's reactions during the initial pet exam. Many pets become anxious when they are brought to a strange location where the smells and sounds of other animals are present. Here are some tips to help your pet have a stress free visit to our animal hospital when pet care is necessary.

Familiarize Your Pet with Items and Areas

Before you head to your pet’s appointment, you should have your pet be familiarize with items and areas so that your pet is comfortable with coming into to our animal hospital. You can put your pet’s crate within sight reach so that your pet can see it and be familiar with it. Your pet should also get familiar with being inside the crate so that when it is time to head to the appointment, your pet won’t feel scared. Your pet may feel less stressful if you bring him or her to our animal hospital in advance. This is to make your pet to be able to sniff the area and meet our wonderful staff. Your pet may feel more comfortable with bringing his or her own toys. That way they have that sense of feeling of home.

Bring Someone with You to Entertain Your Pet in Transit

If your cat or dog does not routinely ride in a vehicle, they will likely become scared during the trip. It is wise to have someone available to pet your cat or dog and talk to it during the ride. This will help keep your pet calm. Be sure that your pet is familiar with the person you bring. Bringing a few items from your home, such as a blanket or toy, will also give your pet comfort.

Keep Your Pet in an Area Away From Activity

When you get to our animal hospital, select an area in our waiting room away from other animals if your pet becomes nervous around others. If your pet is in a carrier, place a blanket over it so your pet feels secure. Continue to speak to your pet to reassure it you are nearby.

Contact Radford Animal Hospital in Radford to make an appointment with our veterinarian for pet care or for a pet exam. Call our veterinarian at (540) 639-3891 for more information.

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