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  • Did My Pet Eat Something Poisonous?
    Did My Pet Eat Something Poisonous? Pets are notorious for getting into things they shouldn’t. Even with conscientious pet care, your kit or pup may one day ingest something he shouldn’t Read more
  • Importance of Routine Pet Dental Care
    Routine Pet Dental Care At Radford Animal Hospital Your pet's dental health is linked to his or her overall health. Therefore, it is essential that your furry animal receives a thorough Read more
  • Causes of Skin Allergies in Pets
    Allergies In Pets And Treatment Options Your pet requires a healthy diet, grooming sessions, exercise, and attention to be happy and healthy. If you have been following a daily care schedule Read more
  • Top Foods to Keep Away from Pets
    A Top Pet Care Priority Our pets are like family to us. From long road trips to walks in the park, our pets are there for it all. And while Read more
  • Signs of a Food Allergy
    Food Allergy Food allergies occur more commonly in pets than many people realize. A food allergy in pets commonly occurs between the ages of two to six years of age, but Read more
  • Tips for a Pet's Stress-Free Veterinary Visit
    Pet's Stress-Free Veterinary Visit If you need to bring your dog or cat to Radford Animal Hospital in Radford to meet with our veterinarian for an exam, you are likely to Read more
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
    Flea & Tick Prevention When you have a pet, it is up to you to keep him safe. Annual well check visits and vaccinations are essential in keeping your pet safe. Read more
  • Annual Pet Exams From Radford Animal Hospital
    Annual Pet Exams Some people take their pets to the veterinarian only when their pet is having a problem or if they are ill. This is a mistake. Annual pet exams Read more
  • Things All Cat Owners Should Know
    If you are thinking about getting a new cat and have never owned one before, there are a few things you need to know before bringing it home. For more Read more
  • How to Tell if Your Pet Has An Eye Infection
    Eye Infection in Pets Pet eye infections require intervention from our veterinarian so they are treated properly. Contact Radford Animal Hospital in Radford if you believe your cat or dog is Read more
  • Spring is almost here
    I am really looking forward to the upcoming Spring weather.  It is such a wonderful time to enjoy time outdoors with our pets.  Springing forward this weekend and the warm Read more
  • Unconditional LOVE, Happy Valentines Day
    AsI sit here on the eve of Valentine's Day, I am reminiscing about theunconditional love we see every day in the eyes of your pets Read more
  • Februray is Dental Month
    February isDental Month                 Periodontal Disease (inflammation and infection of the teethand surrounding structures) is the most common infectious disease of cats anddogs. Chronic periodontal Read more
  • National Pet Poison Prevention week- Spring is here!
    So,on this first day of Spring, I am once again hit by Spring fever and therealization that I did not get as much work done in my Read more
  • Choosing a pet sitter for your best friend
      Figuring out what to do for your pet when your travel can be a source of anxiety. A       good option may be hiring a pet sitter. Here are Read more
  • Welcome to our new BLOG!!
    HI there, I am very excited to begin our new adventure in to the bloggin world. Read more

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