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Pet Dental Care at Radford Animal Hospital

At Radford Animal Hospital, we take your pet's dental hygiene seriously. Our veterinary offices are fully equipped to provide pet dental care, including routine examinations, thorough teeth cleanings, dental X-rays, and even oral surgeries and extractions. If you have a dog or a cat they rely on you to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Learn why your pet's oral health is so important, and how you can give them the dental care they deserve.

Annual Dental Exams for Pets

Our veterinarians offer annual dental exams for dogs and cats, and we recommend at least one appointment per year. Your pet's oral health will be in good hands with us. Dr. Mark Newman, who tackles dentistry in addition to other pet health services, is one of only ten Virginia veterinarians who are certified as cat and dog specialists with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) – and he's the only one with his own practice.

Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians also specialize in pet dentistry and love keeping pets healthy and happy with superior preventative care. Radford Animal Hospital is located in a convenient spot right off Lee Highway, near the I-81. We see patients from throughout the New River Valley (NRV), including dogs and cats that travel from Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Fairlawn, and Dublin for their annual dental checkups.

Common Signs of Pet Dental Problems

Your pet's oral health is just as important as your own dental care. Without annual examinations and regular cleanings, small problems will gradually get worse and affect other parts of your pet's body. We work hard to spot symptoms early, diagnose oral  Our Veterinary team will check your pet's mouth for common signs of pet dental problems, such as bad breath, loose or discolored teeth, swollen gums or cheeks, and excess tartar buildup.

Of course, it's important to look for these symptoms yourself too. In the time between your pet's yearly dental exams, check their mouth regularly for telltale signs of oral problems. Be aware of their appetite and eating habits, too. If they drool excessively, drop their food while eating, or refuse to eat altogether, they may be in pain.

Pet Dental Problems Treated At Radford Animal Hospital

We treat a variety of oral conditions and complications. Cavities aren't as common as you may think, but we do see many cases of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). This disease is common for both dogs and cats, and it's very important to detect and treat this problem early. Periodontal disease can eventually lead to heart, liver, kidney, and blood problems that will decrease your pet's quality of life.

Other pet dental problems include oral cysts, fractured jaws, misaligned teeth, tooth abscesses, and broken roots. Diet plays a role in your pet's oral health, but the number one way to prevent pet dental problems is to brush your pet's teeth weekly and schedule a yearly examination.