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Posted on 05-03-2018

Springtime Parasite Prevention Tips for Your Pet

The arrival of spring means that pets can spend more time outdoors. However, this also means that they are at risk of ending up with a parasite problem. Learn more about keeping your pets safe from fleas and other parasites this spring. Keep in mind that at Radford Animal Hospital, we play an important role in ensuring that pets stay parasite-free. 

Cat playing outside needs springtime parasite prevention.

Common Spring Parasites in Radford

As the weather warms up in the Radford area, certain kinds of parasites start being active, which puts your pets at risk. Some of the common parasites that pets can come into contact with during spring include fleas, ticks, and heartworm. Fleas and ticks lurk in outdoor areas, including yards, and jump or crawl onto pets when they get the chance. Some types of mosquitoes carry heartworm, which they pass on to cats and dogs after biting them. 

How to Prevent Parasites

You can prevent parasites by using a preventative product throughout the season. These include heartworm prevention pills, topical products to prevent flea and tick problems and oral medications for flea and tick prevention. Vacuuming your home often and keeping your lawn mowed helps prevent flea and tick infestations. 

What to Do About Fleas and Ticks 

If you find fleas on your pets, you will need to eliminate the infestation before it gets worse. Our veterinarian in Blacksburg, Dublin, Radford, and Christiansburg can provide you with flea shampoo and other products, as well as advice on getting rid of a flea problem. 

If you find a tick on your pet, don’t crush or squeeze it to get it off. Use tweezers and gently remove it from your pet. Watch for signs of possible illness, such as a fever or rash, and have our veterinarian check your pet right away if any show up. Ticks can spread Lyme disease and other diseases. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Radford

If you have pets that need parasite prevention, contact Radford Animal Hospital to make an appointment. Our veterinarian in Radford, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Dublin can get your pets ready for the season with safe and effective preventative products.

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