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Posted on 06-26-2017

Tips for Improving Your Pet's Diet from Radford Animal Hospital

If you find yourself wandering down the pet food aisle in the grocery store, confused by the sheer variety of dog food products available, maybe it's time to boil those choices down to the veterinary basics. First of all, congratulations on feeding your pet proper dog food, instead of allowing him to eat unhealthy table scraps or dine out of the cat's bowl!

Owner feeding their dog.

Food Selection Factors in Radford

  • The "dry vs. wet" question - Some dogs are perfectly happy with dry kibble, while pickier eaters may hold out for canned meat. Both types of dog food are formulated to fulfill your pet's daily nutritional requirements. But while dry food is cheaper and easier to deal with (especially since you don't have to refrigerate unused portions), canned food offers certain advantages such as fewer additives/fillers, higher moisture content, and a more comfortable experience for pets with dental problems. 
  • Special foods for special diets - Specific health challenges may call for modified or specially-formulated diets. If your dog is obese, our veterinarian near Radford may recommend a low-calories, low-fat, high-protein diet, whereas an underweight dog may actually need a diet higher in fat. A low-sodium diet can help your dog control hypertension or kidney problems. We can also provide dog foods and products aimed at managing other ailments such as allergies, hypothyroidism or an inflammatory pain problem.
  • Natural foods to enhance canine health - Natural or organic dog food can provide many benefits, especially if your pet's body doesn't appear to be responding optimally to more ordinary products. For one thing, organic dog food skips the corn and other bulk fillers in favor of easily-digested whole grains, which can reduce gas and other digestive upsets. Additionally, the absence of colorants, preservatives and other chemical additives can help optimize immune system function and overall wellness.

Contact Our Veterinarian near Radford for More Information on Pet Nutrition

Our veterinarian near Radford can discuss your dog's dietary needs with you during his annual wellness exam or any other time. Contact Radford Animal Hospital at (540) 639-3891 to schedule a consultation, don't forget to claim $20 off your pet's first visit to our clinic!

What type of food does your dog seem to prefer? Tell us about his taste in cuisine!

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