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Posted on 04-02-2018

Pet Ear Infection Treatment with our Radford Veterinarian

Veterinarian checking pets ear for an ear infection

Pets can end up with ear infections that cause unpleasant symptoms and possible hearing problems. Prompt treatment is important in order to ensure that pets recover from these infections. At Radford Animal Hospital, we offer diagnostic services and treatment to ease symptoms of ear infections in pets. 

Types of Ear Infections

Pets can develop ear infections in their middle ear or inner ear. Middle ear infections are known as otitis media, while inner ear infections are known as otitis interna. Although any dog can get an ear infection, those with long ears or floppy ears rather than pointed ears are more prone to getting them. 

Symptoms of Ear Infections in Pets

How do you know if your pet has an ear infection? These infections can produce certain symptoms in pets, such as rubbing or pawing at the infected ear, head tilting or head shaking. Pets with an ear infection might also have difficulty opening their mouth and chewing. Other symptoms include those that affect the nervous system, such as trouble balancing. Some pets might also have discharge, redness in the affected ear or vomiting and nausea. 

Causes of Ear Infections

Pets typically get ear infections due to bacteria, although other kinds of organisms can also cause inflammation. These other organisms include ear mites, fungi, and yeast. Ear injuries can also lead to infections. 

Ear Infection Treatment in Radford

Pets that only have a mild infection can usually undergo treatment at home with the use of antibiotic medication. This medication destroys the bacteria that caused the infection. More serious cases might involve more complex care at our veterinary hospital. For recurring infections, pets might end up needing drainage through surgery in order to protect their hearing.

Contact Our Veterinary Hospital in Radford

If you have a pet with an ear infection, please contact our veterinary hospital in Radford to make an appointment. Keep in mind that we also offer routine care and a pet pharmacy for those in Radford, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Dublin.

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