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Posted on 07-05-2017

Keeping Your Pet Clean: Advice from Our Veterinary Clinic

We, humans, are used to the idea of bathing or showering as part of our normal daily routine -- but what kind of bathing schedule makes sense for your pet? Here's some advice from the friendly professionals at our veterinary clinic, Radford Animal Hospital.advice on how often you should bath your pet from your veterinarian in radford

Bathing Practices for Dogs and Cats

Dogs love to explore, often encountering all kinds of substances in the process, from dust and mud to skunk spray. An immediate bath makes obvious sense in these situations, but even if your dog lives a relatively clean indoor life, periodic bathing can play an important role in his health and comfort. That's because oils naturally accumulate on the skin, and these oils tend to attract bacteria, leading to irritation and possible infection. Regular bathing can remove these oils and deter skin problems.

But how often is "regular?" For most moderately-clean dogs, the answer is once a month, using baby shampoo or a gentle pet shampoo product. But if your breed of dog is known for having an unusually thick coat or oily skin, you may have to bathe him more frequently. (By contrast, short-haired breeds may be able to go with a bath for more than a month.) Frequent bathing can actually do more harm than good by making the skin dry and flaky, necessitating the use of special moisturizing shampoos. Feel free to ask our animal hospital for specific recommendations.

What about cats? If you see your cat grooming himself on a regular basis, you might assume that he doesn't need any additional help from you. But while cats are indeed fastidious about keeping themselves clean, they cannot necessarily reach every spot on the body that needs cleaning. Heavy coats get in the way, while pest infestations and dirt/mud from the great outdoors call for bathing. Just like dogs, cats benefit from a gentle bath once a month or so.

Schedule Bathing and Grooming Appointments with Our Veterinarian near Radford

Your veterinarian near Radford can provide your pet with a lifetime of optimal hygiene. In addition to recommending gentle shampoos or medicated products to suit your pet's individual needs, our veterinary clinic offers professional bathing and grooming services. We'll wash your pet, brush his hair, clip his nails, and generally, make him feel and look terrific. Use our online order form and get $20 off your pet's first trip to our clinic! We look forward to meeting with you!

Does your pet resist bathing at home? Share your stories with us!

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