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Posted on 07-26-2017

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise with Your Dog from Our Veterinarians in Radford

Woman running with her dog in Radford, VA.

Going for walks is good for pets! If you're a dog owner, these 10 tips are great reasons to exercise with your dog on a daily basis. 

  1. Exercise helps make your dog healthy. Exercise can help keep your pet healthy and avoid illness. Exercise gets your pet's heart pumping, keeps blood flowing and strengthens your pet's muscles. 
  2. Exercise can make you healthy. Walking your dog benefits you just as much as it benefits your dog. Taking your dog for regular walks can help improve your health.
  3. Keeping your dog healthy can reduce your pet's veterinary bills. A healthy dog won't need to visit the veterinarian in between annual wellness exams. This saves you money.  
  4. Taking your dog for walks improves his or her quality of life. Pets, especially indoor pets, can get cooped up inside. Taking your dog for a walk broadens your dog's horizons and improves his or her quality of life.
  5. Taking your dog for walks strengthens your relationship with your pet. Dogs love to get attention from their masters. Taking your dog for a walk can help ensure that you and your pet will have a good relationship. 
  6. Walking your dog can help control your pet's weight. Pet obesity is a problem primarily because pets eat too much and don't get enough exercise. Walking your dog can prevent your dog from developing this issue. 
  7. Pets that get enough exercise are less likely to be hyper and hard to control. Some dogs struggle with impulse control because they have too much energy. Taking your dog for a walk can help your dog control his or her behavior.  
  8. Taking your dog for a walk is cheaper than going to the gym. If you're spending big bucks on your local gym, think of how much money you could spend by quitting the gym and simply taking your dog for long walks at night!
  9. Pets that get enough exercise are less likely to chew up the furniture. Some pets get destructive when they get bored. Taking your dog for more walks will give your dog something else to do. 
  10. Your pet will love it. Most dogs love walks, and they especially love going for walks with their owners.

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